Emma x Tom at The Stanwick Hotel

As a photographer, there is nothing more special than being asked to photograph a family wedding. Tom ( my wife’s cousin) and Emma gave me this privilege last weekend.

Weddings are always ‘happy’ occasions but this day was full of so much joy and laughter that being able to share it with some of my favourite people made it even more magical.

The Stanwick Hotel, Northamptonshire was the backdrop for this beautiful day, and it completely complimented the elegant yet relaxed style of the wedding. The ceremony was in a picturesque conservatory overlooking the gardens which created an atmospheric feeling of being outside while staying warm! It was truly a breathtaking moment when Emma walked down the aisle with Coldplay’s ‘ yellow’ rocking the venue.

The day was packed with personal details which highlighted the bride and grooms fun characters and invited the guests to let their hair down and enjoy the day. I’ve seen a lot of weddings cakes throughout the years, but the caterpillar ‘Connie and Colin’ cakes are the most original to date!

My highlight of the day was, seeing the Tom and Emma, along with family and friends dance the night away with so much energy and enthusiasm! At one point the guests surrounded Tom in a giant huddle and belted out ‘reach for the stars’ by Sclub 7 accompanied by the full routine.

Tom and Emma, it was the greatest privilege to not only be a guest at your wedding but to document your day.

Enjoy these photos for years to come.